Cenote Xcan

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Cenote Xcan - Desde Far side of Cenote, Mexico
Cenote Xcan - Desde Far side of Cenote, Mexico
Cenote Xcan
📍 Desde Far side of Cenote, Mexico
Cenote Xcan, in Ekbalam, Mexico, is an underground cave system in the Yucatan Peninsula, famous for its stunning crystal clear water and intricate rock formations. Filled by rainwater, it is part of the geological phenomenon of sinkholes formed by the collapse of limestone rocks that are typical in this area. Refreshing and perfect for a dive, the waters stand out for their persistent blue/green hues and water temperature of 19-25 degrees Celsius. Visitors can explore the cavern entering via the vertical walls, while being surrounded by strange and fantastic formations. Mask and fins are a must, as the tours take you around the depths of this subterranean wonder. With its unique atmosphere, the experience is both tranquil and eerie amid the darkness and quiet. The atmosphere of the caves will thrill photographers with their sublime compositions, expelling the perfect atmosphere for thrilling underwater shots.

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