Castello Maniace

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Castello Maniace - Desde Entrance, Italy
Castello Maniace - Desde Entrance, Italy
@alessionord - Unsplash
Castello Maniace
📍 Desde Entrance, Italy
Castello Maniace is a breathtaking fortification located in Siracusa, Italy. It was built during the rule of the Hohenstaufen in the first half of the thirteenth century and it was used during the fourteenth and fifteenth century as a royal residence. Today, the castle is considered one of the most important monuments of medieval architecture in Sicily. The inside of the castle is composed of a magnificent cloister, as well as a series of chambers, courtyards and chapels decorated with stunning mosaics. The castle is connected to the mainland through a bridge piercing the sea. This bridge has been preserved almost unchanged since its construction, both in terms of structure and architecture. On two opposite corners of the castle there are two majestic hexagonal towers, which add to the building's impressive look. Castello Maniace is an unforgettable sight and an ideal destination for a visit, both for its military and religious significance.

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