Castello di San Giorio

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Castello di San Giorio - Italy
Castello di San Giorio - Italy
Castello di San Giorio
📍 Italy
The Castello di San Giorio is a majestic Medieval castle located in the small village of San Giorio di Susa in Northwest Italy. Constructed in the 11th century, it stands atop a rocky hill and is one of the few surviving examples of a Piedmontese fortification. The castle offers spectacular views of the surrounding valley and the Susa Mountains of the Cottian Alps. Its walls are made of local stone, while the towers are capped with brick and mortar. You can explore 3 fortified towers, a drawbridge, a sturdy portcullis, an inner courtyard, and other charmingly well-preserved Medieval features. Outdoors, you can soak up breathtaking views of the Val Susa and a strategic position against the Alps. Inside, you can explore archeological artifacts, the permanent exhibition "Unsecured History", and the ancient dungeons used over the centuries by the house of Savoy to imprison enemy knights. A truly captivating journey into the past!

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