Cargills Castle

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Cargills Castle - Desde Entrance, New Zealand
Cargills Castle - Desde Entrance, New Zealand
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Cargills Castle
📍 Desde Entrance, New Zealand
Cargills Castle is located in the heart of Dunedin, New Zealand. Built in 1900 on the grounds of the historic Dunedin Railway Station, the castle was originally owned by Scottish emigrants Sir John and Lady Cargill. The castle was originally built as a memorial to their daughter, Jessie, who was tragically killed in an accident at an early age.

Today, Cargills Castle remains a historic and architectural marvel. The castle features two wings that fans out in an angled effect. The towers of the castle, built in a gothic style, are adorned with carvings of mythical creatures and motifs. While the interior of the structure is private, stunning views from the top of the castle can be enjoyed from the grounds of the property. The castle is surrounded by gardens and a large lawn, which makes it a great place for a picnic or a walk. There is also a nearby picnic area with a covered area and places to sit. Cargills Castle is a great spot to visit if you're looking for an interesting place to explore in Dunedin.

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