Capilla de Nta Señora del Carmen

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Capilla de Nta Señora del Carmen - Mexico
Capilla de Nta Señora del Carmen - Mexico
Capilla de Nta Señora del Carmen
📍 Mexico
The Capilla de Nta Señora del Carmen is a charming Catholic church located in the heart of the historical center of Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Inside, you will find unique coral stone carvings and a number of decorative altars, as well as various pieces of stained glass art. The heavily detailed, highly ornate walls, a combination of Mexican and Byzantine-Renaissance style, also offer a unique visual perspective. Upon entering, you'll notice a variety of statues and paintings of saints, as well as special niches with scenes of the Passion of Christ and the Sacrament of Baptism. The beauty of the church, combined with its peaceful atmosphere, make it a desirable place for seekers of spiritual experience. During the celebrations of Holy Week and the patron saint, San Juan Bautista, crowds come to light candles, offer prayers, and walk in the processions throughout the streets of the town.

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