Caló des Moro

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Caló des Moro - Spain
Caló des Moro - Spain
@alessaxc - Unsplash
Caló des Moro
📍 Spain
Caló des Moro is a stunning cove located near Cap des Moró, Ibiza, Spain. The small, white-sand beach is tucked away between rocky cliffs and surrounded by crystal-clear Mediterranean Sea. The beach offers seclusion and peacefulness, and a chance to relax among its crystalline waters. For an extra touch of beauty, a few boats are moored to the small jetty. The beach is flanked by an ideal spot for a peaceful walk, where smaller rocky cliffs and stunning views of the Mediterranean can be appreciated. In the surrounding area, visitors will find remote and picturesque restaurants serving local specialties. The stunning beauty of Caló des Moro beach makes it a favorite spot for both locals and visitors.

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