Burbage Bridge

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Burbage Bridge - United Kingdom
Burbage Bridge - United Kingdom
@eryk10 - Unsplash
Burbage Bridge
📍 United Kingdom
Burbage Bridge is a Grade-II listed bridge in Derbyshire, United Kingdom. It is a single arch stone bridge over the River Dove and was built in 1791. The bridge is at the center of a quaint village of the same name. This picturesque area is a haven for hikers and nature lovers, with several nearby parks and walking trails. Anglers also frequent this spot for its great fishing opportunities. The backdrop of the bridge and river gives this spot a wonderful view, which makes it a popular subject for photographers. There are many points along the river’s banks you can use to capture a perfect shot of Burbage Bridge. Though, keep in mind that Burbage Bridge is a well-known spot, therefore you may often find many visitors here.

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