Bruxelles's Buildings

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Bruxelles's Buildings - Desde Square, Belgium
Bruxelles's Buildings - Desde Square, Belgium
@asantalla - Unsplash
Bruxelles's Buildings
📍 Desde Square, Belgium
The Bruxelles's Buildings are one of the most iconic attractions in Brussels. This complex of buildings consists of government offices and houses the Belgian Prime Minister and the entire Belgian government. It is a stunning structure with a unique architectural style, and visitors can wander through the grounds and explore its exterior features. The walls of the building are decorated with bronze reliefs and sculptures of Belgium's kings and notable figures. The tower of the building is visible from many points in the city, and the garden around it is designed in the 18th-century style. The building is open for public visits and host cultural events throughout the year. Come and see for yourself the grandeur of one of Europe’s most important government buildings.

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