Bri Bri Falls

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Bri Bri Falls - Costa Rica
Bri Bri Falls - Costa Rica
Bri Bri Falls
📍 Costa Rica
Bri Bri Falls is a stunning set of cascading waterfalls in the remote jungle of the Limón Province of Costa Rica. It is tucked away in the Talamanca Mountains, making it a truly one-of-a-kind destination.

For many travelers, the magic of these falls lies in the sheer magnitude of their sheer size. Cascading over an impressive 50 meters, the falls create a majestic sight as the waters tumble down into a shallow pool. Adventure seekers can enjoy a jungle trek or ride the rapids in a kayak or white water raft to get closer to the falls and take in the true beauty of the surrounding jungle. On the approach to the falls, you can observe a variety of tropical trees, plants and wildlife that call this jungle their home. The picturesque scenery of lush forests and cascading waterfalls will be all the more enjoyable after going through the jungle trek to Bri Bri Falls. Animal sightings are possible, as these such as Toucans, Agouti and even monkeys as you make your way towards the falls. Birdwatchers may enjoy the opportunity to log new species in their travel notebooks while they explore and appreciate the natural beauty of this magical place.

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