Borgo di Mombaldone

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Borgo di Mombaldone - Italy
Borgo di Mombaldone - Italy
Borgo di Mombaldone
📍 Italy
Borgo di Mombaldone is a picturesque little town in South of Italy, in the province of Cuneo, near the French border. Founded in the Middle Ages, this place still conserves its original features, as the cobblestone pathways, the tall old cottages, the rustic lanes and the huge forests that surround it.

The main attraction here is the huge deserted castle, built in the late 16th century by the marquises Roero of Mombaldone. It stands at the entrance of the town and it is an amazing example of the power of the past. The old little churches and chapels around the town are also unique, as most of them still preserve little frescoes and paintings from centuries ago. Nature lovers that visit Mombaldone will be able to enjoy the surrounding countryside, with its huge forests full of wild animals and rustic villages. The town is also known for its delicious food, as some typical dishes from the Piedmont region are prepared by the locals. In conclusion, Borgo di Mombaldone is a hidden time capsule that offers travelers a unique glimpse of Italian history and old traditions.

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