Bonneville Salt Flats

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Bonneville Salt Flats - United States
Bonneville Salt Flats - United States
@cammur - Unsplash
Bonneville Salt Flats
📍 United States
Bonneville Salt Flats is a must-visit destination in the United States. It is a large salt flat in Western Utah, situated at the place where the former Lake Bonneville used to exist. It is an eye-catching sight due to its immense size and smooth, flat surface. In summer, visitors may observe large areas of bright white salt stretching over the horizon, while in winter they can skate on the thin crust of snow that forms on the salt flats. The unique landscape also serves as a natural playground for recreational vehicles, and it is also the location of the popular Bonneville Speed Week. The Salt Flats are also a key spot for landscape photography, offering stunning compositions and vistas.

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