Bonne-Chière mill

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Bonne-Chière mill - Belgium
Bonne-Chière mill - Belgium
Bonne-Chière mill
📍 Belgium
Bonne-Chière Mill is an iconic 19th-century watermill located in the city of Brugge, Belgium. It is part of the famous Brugse Vrije, a rural area which is home to several cozy windmills and quaint polders. A picturesque pond provides the mill with enough water to turn its huge sail-like wheels. This iconic landmark stands patiently as a reminder of the days when windmills were a necessity for everyday life. Visitors love strolling around the area and admiring the surrounding natural beauty. There is a small garden near the mill which houses picturesque 17th century houses that date back to the Middle Ages. Visitors can also find several historical monuments, churches, and an old market square between the mill and the city center. Bonne-Chière Mill is a great spot to get acquainted with the charms of Flanders, and provides a peaceful escape of the hustle and bustle of city life.

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