Boccale Castle

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Boccale Castle - Desde Beach, Italy
Boccale Castle - Desde Beach, Italy
Boccale Castle
📍 Desde Beach, Italy
Boccale Castle is a pentagonal fortress located in Livorno, Italy. Constructed in 1620, it has been a notable part of the city's defenses and trading port for centuries. Today, it is open to the public, offering stunning views of the coastline. Onsite, visitors can explore the castle's ancient fortifications as well as its picturesque courtyard, complete with a well and a lookout post. Although the castle is not open for exploration inside due to the fragile condition of the stone, visitors are free to enjoy an array of open-air activities, including picnicking with friends and family on one of the castle's sprawling lawns. With sweeping views of the sea and nearby city, visitors can expect a breathtaking experience.

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