Big Waterfall

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Big Waterfall - Desde Drone, Greece
Big Waterfall - Desde Drone, Greece
Big Waterfall
📍 Desde Drone, Greece
Big Waterfall in Foinikas is a must-see for nature lovers and photographers. This beautiful waterfall is tucked away in the valley of Foinikas, and it is a great spot to pause and appreciate the natural beauty of Greece. The shimmering pool at the bottom of the falls creates a spectacular sight with the water cascading over the edge of the cliff. There are often caves around the pool and the area is great for birdwatching. You can even swim in the pool by the falls if you take the right precautions. The best way to reach the falls is to walk along the river and take the stairs that lead down to the pool. To get the best views, go early in the morning and avoid the crowds.

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