Big Creek Bridge

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Big Creek Bridge - Desde Viewpoint, United States
Big Creek Bridge - Desde Viewpoint, United States
@jakefaul - Unsplash
Big Creek Bridge
📍 Desde Viewpoint, United States
Big Creek Bridge spans a rugged and narrow gorge, located in the picturesque Santa Lucia Mountains of Lucerne, California. Cross the bridge and enjoy a panoramic view of the vibrant green hills and canyons of this stunning region. As you cross, admire the combination of architectural and engineering genius which makes the bridge so strong and majestic. The interlocked and crisscrossing steel cables of the suspension bridge create an impressive visual display. Nature lovers will enjoy the lush and varied flora and fauna of the region, and photographers may get some great shots. Hiking trails abound, providing easy access the abundant beauty of Big Creek Bridge and the surrounding area. There is also a visitor's center with an informational kiosk and a picnic grounds. Pack a lunch and enjoy the stunning scenery of Big Creek Bridge while relaxing and unwinding.

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