Berlin's Humboldt University

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Berlin's Humboldt University - Germany
Berlin's Humboldt University - Germany
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Berlin's Humboldt University
📍 Germany
Berlin's Humboldt University is Germany's oldest university and one of the most prestigious institutions in Europe. Founded in 1810, it is home to a wide range of academic disciplines, including medicine, law, engineering, natural sciences, and the humanities. The university's historical building on Unter den Linden is a classic example of early 19th century neoclassical-style architecture. Inside, you'll find the main auditorium, a library and other offices. The university also houses a number of museums, including the Museum for Islam and the Museum for Natural History. Its main campus is located just a short walk from Berlin's famous Brandenburg Gate. If you're looking for a cultural experience, Humboldt University is the right place to explore.

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