Berlin's Bridge

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Berlin's Bridge - Desde James Simon Park, Germany
Berlin's Bridge - Desde James Simon Park, Germany
@sapegin - Unsplash
Berlin's Bridge
📍 Desde James Simon Park, Germany
Berlin’s Bridge from James Simon Park is the perfect spot for views of Berlin and the Spree River. It is a great place to take a leisurely stroll and see some of Berlin’s most iconic sights, such as the Berlin Television Tower, Museum Island, and Brandenburg Gate. On your walk, be sure to take notice of the beautiful sandstone architecture of the bridge and the surrounding area. The trees, paths, sculptures, and benches make this Park a popular destination for both locals and tourists alike; making it an ideal place to recharge and relax. Make sure to bring a camera – whether a phone or a DSLR – and capture some amazing photos of this wonderful part of Berlin.

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