Berlin Cathedral

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Berlin Cathedral - Desde Lustgarten, Germany
Berlin Cathedral - Desde Lustgarten, Germany
@saltrain - Unsplash
Berlin Cathedral
📍 Desde Lustgarten, Germany
Berlin Cathedral is one of the most stunning examples of Hohenzollern architecture in Germany. It is the highest church building in Berlin, towering 105m above the Spree River. Built from 1894-1905, it is made of sandstone and crowned by a distinctive 89m tall green dome. Inside the Berlin Cathedral features extravagant Baroque sculptures and Neo-Renaissance and Neo-Baroque artwork. Notable features include the 19th century organ, one of the greatest of its kind, and the spectacular stained-glass windows. Visitors can ascend the 285-step dome to enjoy the 360-degree views of the beautiful city of Berlin, or explore the museum and crypt. This historic and architectural masterpiece is one of the most popular attractions in the city and an absolute must-visit when in Berlin.

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