Bell Island Cave

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Bell Island Cave - Desde Cliffs, Canada
Bell Island Cave - Desde Cliffs, Canada
@kywenl - Unsplash
Bell Island Cave
📍 Desde Cliffs, Canada
Bell Island Cave is an impressive limestone sea cave located on Bell Island, Canada. The cave, which was formed over 6,000 years ago by ocean waves, was once an important fishing ground for Indigenous peoples. Today, it serves as a popular spot for tourists and photographers to explore. Entry to the cave is through an entrance hall between two 32 metre high cliffs. Inside, the winding limestone walls stretch up to 18 metres high, opening up to a large chamber. As you make your way around the cave, be sure to look up at the giant stalactites hanging from the ceiling. The walls and ceiling of the chamber are adorned with natural paintings, created by beautiful rock formations such as stalagmites, calcite columns and gypsum flowers. The cave is also home to thousands of seabirds, which add to the magical atmosphere.

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