Battersea power station

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Battersea power station - Desde Grosvenor bridge, United Kingdom
Battersea power station - Desde Grosvenor bridge, United Kingdom
@rmbrown - Unsplash
Battersea power station
📍 Desde Grosvenor bridge, United Kingdom
Battersea Power Station is an iconic landmark and an iconic place for photography located in Greater London, United Kingdom. It's a decommissioned coal-fired power station built in two stages between 1929 and 1949. The building is now owned by a consortium of Malaysian investors, making it a very popular destination for tourists, photographers and art admirers alike. It's been featured in countless movie and TV productions, as well as hosting numerous iconic events.

The exterior of the power station is a combination of masonry brick and steel each covered with a unique cement render that has been painted over the years in different bright colors. With its imposing chimneys and the additions of scultptures and artwork, Battersea Power Station's exterior has become an inspiring site and a worthy subject of photography for many. The power station is also known for its location beside the River Thames and the impressive views of Greater London, including numerous historical buildings such as Westminster Bridge, Big Ben and City Hall. Battersea Power Station is an all-time lighted and since its re-opening to the public, it's been a busy attraction for visitors and photographers alike. With its distinctive shape, riveting history, iconic architecture and iconic views, Battersea Power Station is an inspiring photographic destination.

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