Barleta Castle

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Barleta Castle - Italy
Barleta Castle - Italy
Barleta Castle
📍 Italy
Barletta Castle, also known as Castello Svevo, is an impressive structure built in 1156 by Frederick Barbarossa. It sits atop a hill in the Italian city of Barletta and is seeped in history. Walking around the fortress walls and inside, various rooms and artworks can easily be admired. Its medieval architecture, towers and courtyard make it an ideal spot to explore and marvel at the heritage it bears witness to. There's a museum inside, where visitors can learn more about the castle's storied past. The castle can also be admired while enjoying a leisurely stroll in the nearby park, one of the most relaxing places in the neighbourhood. And be sure to take time to explore the city of Barletta and its stunning green spaces.

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