Ban Ca Phe

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Ban Ca Phe - Desde Inside, Vietnam
Ban Ca Phe - Desde Inside, Vietnam
Ban Ca Phe
📍 Desde Inside, Vietnam
Ban Ca Phe is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Ho Chi Minh City, offering locals and travelers alike a glimpse into the city’s past. Many of its streets are lined with narrow, low rise, dilapidated Portuguese-style villas and land-filling's which have been welcoming its visitors for decades. While there are no must-see sights here, the best way to discover its sleepy charms is to wander through its sleepy alleyways and soak in the unique atmosphere. The district is also popular with street food fanatics who can explore many of its local eateries and sample an array of unique tasty treats. For culture vultures, Ban Ca Phe also has a couple of exceptional museums. The Ho Chi Minh City Museum highlights the city’s often turbulent history, while the Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Fine Arts houses an exquisite collection of local and international works. If you’re looking for a more off-the-beaten-track experience then the stunning Tao Dan Park is the place to head - here you’ll find locals engaging in morning exercises and other activities, making it the perfect spot to escape the bustle of HCMC’s city centre.

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