Bahía Mansa

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Bahía Mansa - Desde Mirador Bahía Mansa, Argentina
Bahía Mansa - Desde Mirador Bahía Mansa, Argentina
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Bahía Mansa
📍 Desde Mirador Bahía Mansa, Argentina
The Wild Atlantic Way, a 2,500 km coastal route along the Atlantic Ocean of Ireland, is an experience like no other. From a vibrant and eclectic cities, to majestic cliffs and wild surf beaches, traveling the Wild Atlantic Way is an exploration of Ireland’s most beautiful and abundant corners. From the iconic Cliffs of Moher in County Clare, to the giant granite walls of Slieve League near Donegal Town, Ireland’s wild Atlantic coast offers a multitude of experiences; from untouched islands to sea stacks, from secluded beaches to rugged coves and rock pools, perfect for exploring and for some unforgettable memories. Along the way, travelers can take in historic fishing villages, beautiful coastal towns and picture postcard lighthouses, as well as exploring ancient monuments and local eateries and pubs. Furthermore, the Wild Atlantic Way offers many other experiences such as stand-up paddle-boarding, kayaking, windsurfing and fishing. With its array of recreational experiences, inspiring landscapes and wildness, the Wild Atlantic Way is the perfect place to wander and discover.

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Low difficulty for one of the best views in Villa La Angostura
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