Avenida Conde de Vallellano

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Avenida Conde de Vallellano - Spain
Avenida Conde de Vallellano - Spain
@zyzygy - Unsplash
Avenida Conde de Vallellano
📍 Spain
Avenida Conde de Vallellano is a beautiful tree-lined street located in Alacant, Spain. With its stunning Mediterranean backdrop and stunning architecture, it's a great place for tourists and photographers to explore. The wide avenue boasts of majestic plane trees, vibrant flowers, and green spaces, making it an ideal place for leisurely strolls and to take in the Spanish environment. It's a wonderful place to explore the cultural and architectural heritage of the city, especially with the stunning San Nicolas de Bari Church opposite the avenue - it's a must-see! Whether you want to take a leisurely stroll or capture some amazing photographs, this avenue is the perfect spot.

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