Augsburger Dom

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Augsburger Dom - Desde Hoher Weg, Germany
Augsburger Dom - Desde Hoher Weg, Germany
Augsburger Dom
📍 Desde Hoher Weg, Germany
Augsburger Dom is a very impressive Roman Catholic cathedral located in the heart of Augsburg, Germany. Built between the 12th and 16th centuries, the cathedral is featured on the UNESCO World Heritage List, emphasizing its spectacular architecture and stunning artworks. Adjacent to the cathedral is a beautiful, high-ceilinged Late Gothic cloister with marble columns, a carved Late Renaissance portal, and enticing frescoed walls. The interior of the cathedral is just as impressive and is filled with beautiful 17th-century Baroque features, and awe-inspiring sculptures that adorn its walls and domes. One can't miss the huge astronomical clock which is situated in the nave, commemorating the Battle of Augsburg in 1648. Furthermore, the intricately-made stained glass windows offer a breathtaking view. No trip to Augsburg is complete without a visit to Augsburger Dom as it is an epitome of stunning medieval European architecture.

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