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Atnsjøen - Desde Sohlbergplassen, Norway
Atnsjøen - Desde Sohlbergplassen, Norway
📍 Desde Sohlbergplassen, Norway
Atnsjøen is a beautiful lake located in the middle of a dense forest in the municipality of Stor-Elvdal, Norway. This lake is surrounded by a thick blanket of trees and shrubs, making it the perfect spot for a peaceful escape. There are several small islands that are scattered around the lake, adding to its serene beauty. The lake is also home to a species of bird known as the Common Teal, which can be seen flying between the islands during certain times of the year. An excellent spot for fishing, Atnsjøen is filled with trout and grayling. The lake is best accessed by car, and you can explore the shoreline and its many inlets. There are camping locations around the lake, so you can stay near its tranquil shores while on holiday in Norway.

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