Asia Africa Monument

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Asia Africa Monument - Indonesia
Asia Africa Monument - Indonesia
@prtmryan - Unsplash
Asia Africa Monument
📍 Indonesia
The Asia Africa Monument is a cultural monument located in the Balonggede district of Indonesia. The monument is a representation of the spirit of the 1955 Asian–African Conference held in Bandung, Indonesia. It stands as a symbol of the great coalition of nations advocating for anti-colonialism, United Nations principles, and fruitful cooperation between Asian and African nations. The monument is a bronze-plated sculpture depicting the two continents of Asia and Africa. It is surrounded by a garden-like landscape with towering trees, and is linked to a museum building on the side. Visitors can explore the museum to learn about the history of Balonggede, Indonesia's modern political system, and the Bandung Conference. They can also take part in guided tours to gain more in-depth knowledge about the region's history and culture. The monument is a popular spot for travelers and photographers alike, so be sure to bring your camera.

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