Arco di Costantino

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Arco di Costantino - Desde Colosseo, Italy
Arco di Costantino - Desde Colosseo, Italy
Arco di Costantino
📍 Desde Colosseo, Italy
Arco di Costantino, located in Rome, is an ancient Roman victory arch. Built in 315 AD in honor of Emperor Constantine the Great, it stands today as a tribute to his victories over Maxentius at the Battle of Milvian Bridge. The arch was originally decorated with pictures and sculptures which have since been removed. Today, the arch's 3 large arches and ornate Corinthian columns make up its majestic appearance. The structure stands high on a pedestal and is crowned with eagles and winged Victories. Despite being located in one of Rome's busiest areas, Arco di Costantino is a peaceful spot to visit, offering stunning views of the city. Inside, there is a museum dedicated to the history of Constantine and his reign, and remains of the original carvings and sculptures can be seen. Visiting Arco di Costantino is an amazing way to appreciate some of Rome's rich history.

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