Apartment garages

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Apartment garages - Desde In the road, Poland
Apartment garages - Desde In the road, Poland
Apartment garages
📍 Desde In the road, Poland
Sochaczew, Poland, is a small town located 50 km West of Warsaw. Originally a trading post in the 13th century, it’s now primarily an industrial town. It’s noteworthy for its unique apartment garages, which are former train carriages retrofitted into brightly painted apartments. From the outside these old-fashioned garages look like a jumble of train parts, but inside they tell a different story. The garages come with ever-changing colours and designs, as the owners continually try to make these private spaces more unique. They also have neatly manicured gardens and hanging flowers, adding to the atmosphere. Sochaczew may not be the most popular tourist destination in Poland, but these garages will definitely make a unique photo opportunity for those passing through.

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