Amphitheater ruins

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Amphitheater ruins - Desde Side Ancient City, Turkey
Amphitheater ruins - Desde Side Ancient City, Turkey
@anthonydp - Unsplash
Amphitheater ruins
📍 Desde Side Ancient City, Turkey
The Amphitheater ruins are an incredible sight in the city of Side, Turkey. This is what remains of an ancient Roman amphitheater, and serves as a reminder of the city’s once-great past. On one side, you can still see the original seats, with elevated viewing areas behind them. On the other side is a large hill that is home to lots of ruins, as well as a few small ruins inside the amphitheater itself. The ruins are great for photography, as they provide fantastic photo opportunities, as well as amazing views of the beach and the Mediterranean Sea. Be sure to explore the various ruins inside the amphitheater, including a few rooms and small chambers. There also might be some shops and cafes hidden in the ruins, so keep that in mind. Come explore the Amphitheater ruins in Side and experience the full history of this amazing city!

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