American Cemetery in Normandy

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American Cemetery in Normandy - Desde Inside, France
American Cemetery in Normandy - Desde Inside, France
@moiradillon - Unsplash
American Cemetery in Normandy
📍 Desde Inside, France
The American Cemetery in Normandy is the largest American cemetery in Europe, honoring the 9,387 fallen soldiers from the D-Day landings and subsequent operations in World War II. The cemetery occupies 172.5 acres, is beautifully designed, and is perfectly emblematic of the bravery and sacrifice that these soldiers made. It consists of white crosses and Stars of David, symbolizing Protestant, Catholic and Jewish soldiers. There is also a memorial consisting of a circular chapel surrounded by a colonnade, and at the center lies the pool of reflection. A trip to this stunning memorial will be an extremely emotional and historic experience. Don't forget to bring a camera and take some amazing photos.

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