Ali & Nino Statue

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Ali & Nino Statue - Georgia
Ali & Nino Statue - Georgia
Ali & Nino Statue
📍 Georgia
The Ali & Nino Statue is located in Batumi, Georgia, at the main intersection of the city centre. It was designed by the Georgian sculptor Tamuri Mina and erected in 2007. The statue depicts Ali and Nino, the two lovers of the famous Azeri novel of the same name. It has become a symbol of love and is a popular destination for travelers and photographers alike. One of the distinctive features of the statue is that it has moveable parts - depending on how you turn the statue you can have Ali and Nino looking in the same direction or holding hands, or apart from each other. The statue is illuminated at night, which makes for great photos. Nearby are other attractions such as the Batumi Museum of Art, the Botanical Gardens and the seaside promenade.

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