Algonquin - Minonk Windfarm

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Algonquin - Minonk Windfarm - Desde Road, United States
Algonquin - Minonk Windfarm - Desde Road, United States
@viazavier - Unsplash
Algonquin - Minonk Windfarm
📍 Desde Road, United States
The Algonquin - Minonk Wind farm in Minonk, Illinois, is a windfarm that produces sustainable energy. It comprises of about 200 wind turbines spread across seven agricultural landowners and is located about 85 miles southwest of Chicago. Wind turbines stand tall in the landscape, each at more than 400 feet tall from ground level. The majestic site is visible from highways, towns and roads in the area, and visitors are encouraged to take a drive through and appreciate the vastness of the operation. The turbines are visible during the day and light up with a gentle red glow when the winds get higher. You can park and observe the turbines from afar, all the while enjoying an idyllic rural landscape. It's the perfect spot to remember the importance of conservation and renewable energy sources.

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