Alanya Lighthouse

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Alanya Lighthouse - Desde Drone or Ferry, Turkey
Alanya Lighthouse - Desde Drone or Ferry, Turkey
@ana_gard - Unsplash
Alanya Lighthouse
📍 Desde Drone or Ferry, Turkey
Alanya Lighthouse is located in the old part of the port city of Çarşı, Turkey. It is a 15th-century tower which is built on a rocky hill and stands at a height of 33 metres above sea level. It provides panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea, the city centre with its old bridge, and the castle walls. Visitors can view the lighthouse and the local activities from the top, and can also read a bit of its history. The lighthouse can be either reached by a short hike or by the cable car that operates from the old port area. It's worth noting, that the cable car only operates during the summer season and has limited availability during winter. Alanya lighthouse is a great place to behold the beauty of the city and the beautiful landscape of the Mediterranean.

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