Àkra Toúrlos

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Àkra Toúrlos - Desde Vallas Cafe, Greece
Àkra Toúrlos - Desde Vallas Cafe, Greece
Àkra Toúrlos
📍 Desde Vallas Cafe, Greece
Akra Tourlos is an incredible spot in Thira with beautiful views of nearby mountains and the volcano. It is a perfect spot for adventurous travelers and photography enthusiasts who want to explore the city. Akra Tourlos is an amazing archaeological complex constructed by the Venetians in 1202, with the remains of a castle, a lighthouse, the remains of the town's walls and a temple, making it a great spot to explore the remnants of the past. The area surrounding the castle is now known as a magical site and provides breathtaking views, especially at sunset. There are also many photography opportunities in the area as the ruins can be captured against the astonishing views. You can’t miss this historical and gorgeous spot!

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