Ahu Tongariki

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Ahu Tongariki - Desde Parking, Chile
Ahu Tongariki - Desde Parking, Chile
@viajeenparacaidas - Unsplash
Ahu Tongariki
📍 Desde Parking, Chile
Parking at Ahu Tongariki on Easter Island, Chile is your ideal starting point to explore the 15 ancient massive Moai statues and colossal Ahu platform that make up this fascinating archaeological site. Set against the stunningly beautiful backdrop of lush greenery, rolling hills and the surf crashing against the rocky shore, it is clear why this is a must-visit destination. The statues and platform were restored to their original sites in the 1980s, making for an incredible photo opportunity for travelers- although watch out for the resident sheep that have taken some interest in the antiquated stones! While you won’t find the answers to the island's many mysteries here, the remarkable site is a surreal experience that no traveler should miss.

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