Ahanhama Rock

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Ahanhama Rock - Sri Lanka
Ahanhama Rock - Sri Lanka
Ahanhama Rock
📍 Sri Lanka
Ahanhama Rock is an impressive geological formation located in the coastal town of Koggala, in southern Sri Lanka. It is an outcropping of sandstone, rising almost 45 meters out of the sea. It is home to a large number of endemic seabirds and a nesting site for sea turtles. The view from the top of the rock is spectacular, offering panoramic views of the seashore and the town of Koggala. A walk around its perimeter takes one through lush foliage and past granite boulders. There are no steps or a proper path to the top, so visitors need to be physically fit and agile. With hot climate, mosquitos and strong winds, prepare a good sun protection and attire. Head to Ahanhama Rock to admire its beauty and take stunning photographs!

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