Adler Planetarium

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Adler Planetarium - Desde South Loop building root, United States
Adler Planetarium - Desde South Loop building root, United States
Adler Planetarium
📍 Desde South Loop building root, United States
The Adler Planetarium and South Loop building root is an iconic piece of architecture in the city of Chicago, located in the northern part of Grant Park. It overlooks both Lake Michigan and downtown Chicago and has been a landmark for over 100 years. With its large domed building, the planetarium grounds and views of the city and lake, it's a popular spot for photos.

It was founded in 1930 as America's first planetarium and features interactive exhibits, events, shows and educational resources to provide a greater understanding of the universe. There are three floors with interactive displays and galleries that allow visitors to explore the stars and learn more about astronomical research. A 120-seat “Theater of the Stars” shows popular movies and original planetarium shows are available to view. The South Loop Building Root, located at Balbo Avenue and West Harrison Street, is an iconic Chicago landmark. It was designed by architectural firm Holabird & Root in the early 1920s and is made of concrete and steel, with large root-like shapes emerging from the walls. It has been compared to a Mayan temple and often features in postcards, photographs, and souvenirs from the city. The architecture of the Adler Planetarium and South Loop Building Root serves as an important reminder of Chicago’s past and provides visitors with the opportunity to appreciate the history and culture of the city.

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