Acosta Bridge

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Acosta Bridge - Desde Below, United States
Acosta Bridge - Desde Below, United States
@kfrey - Unsplash
Acosta Bridge
📍 Desde Below, United States
Acosta Bridge is a large concrete a cable-stayed bridge located in Jacksonville, Florida. It spans the St. Johns River, connecting Downtown Jacksonville to the Southbank neighborhood. The bridge is named after Jon B. Acosta, a former Florida senator. The bridge, which is the tallest in Florida, stands at a massive 463 feet and is the second longest cable-stayed bridge in the United States. Since its completion in 2002, it has been a great place for tourists and photographers to take in captivating views of the downtown skyline and the surrounding river. From the bridge's large piers, visitors can also get close up views of boats going underneath it. The bridge provides a great spot for capturing the beauty of Jacksonville with its beautiful architecture and skyline.

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