Abra del Acay

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Abra del Acay - Desde Ruta 40, Argentina
Abra del Acay - Desde Ruta 40, Argentina
Abra del Acay
📍 Desde Ruta 40, Argentina
Abra del Acay is a spectacularly scenic mountain pass within the Natural Monument of El Saladillo, located in the Sub-Andean hillside of the northwest Argentinian province of Salta. The pass takes its name from the surreal rock formations left behind by the erosive process of the Acay River, with its peaks reaching over 4,000 meters. Abra del Acay is also home to a major Astrocamping Observatory, with several high precision telescopes being operated by passionate astronomy fans. Visitors to the site can enjoy hike trails trekking among breathtaking sunsets and the unique topography of this place. The most popular trail, and the one with the best view of the mountains, is approximately 15 km in length and requires 5 hours walking time. Remember to bring your own supplies, sturdy hiking shoes, and take extra precaution - hikers have reported getting lost due to the rock formations disorienting them in the area.

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The meeting of two little foxes on the route can be one of the many wonderful experiences along those routes
Abra del Acay is the second highest walkable point in Latin America
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