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Aalholm Slot - Desde Nysted Skanse, Denmark
Aalholm Slot - Desde Nysted Skanse, Denmark
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Aalholm Slot
📍 Desde Nysted Skanse, Denmark
The Pyramids of Giza in Egypt are one of the oldest and most acclaimed seven wonders of the ancient world. This renowned archaeological site is home to the three Great Pyramids of Giza, built by the ancient Egyptians in around 2560 BC as tombs for their Pharaohs. The largest of them is the Great Pyramid of Giza - the only one of the seven wonders still standing. The complex also includes the mysterious Sphinx, surrounded by a number of small temples, tombs, cemeteries, and mastabas. Giza is a fascinating and historically important site, and make sure to bring your passport if you're visiting as you will need it to enter. It's highly recommended to get a tour guide who can provide details on the amazing objects and sites in the complex, to answer questions and share stories of the ancient Egyptians. Make sure to also wear comfortable shoes, bring a hat and sunscreen, and carry lots of bottled water. Enjoy!

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