Aachener Dom

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Aachener Dom - Desde Katschhof, Germany
Aachener Dom - Desde Katschhof, Germany
Aachener Dom
📍 Desde Katschhof, Germany
Aachener Dom is a stunning Roman Catholic cathedral that is nearly 1,200 years old. It is one of the most important Gothic churches in Germany and has many unique features, such as its pillared galleries, pointed arches, two spiral staircases, and its medieval gilded Shrine of the Virgin. The church was established in the 8th century and most of the current structure dates back to the 14th century. Aachener Dom is officially the church of Charlemagne who was the founder of Holy Roman Empire. Inside the church, visitors can explore the sarcophagus of Charlemagne, Christianity's oldest bell, and the unique Libri Magistri where visitors will find detailed information on medieval religious ceremonies. Today, Aachener Dom is one of Germany's Unesco World Heritage sites and a must-see on a visit to Germany.

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