六義園 - Rikugien Gardens

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六義園 - Rikugien Gardens - Japan
六義園 - Rikugien Gardens - Japan
六義園 - Rikugien Gardens
📍 Japan
Rikugien Gardens is a beloved historical garden created by the influential cultural connoisseur of Edo Period, Yanagisawa Yoshiyasu. It was completed in 1702 and is nowadays a national scenic spot and a part of the Tokyo-Tama area.

The garden is filled with plants, trees, and bodies of water including a spacious islet-shaped pond surrounded by a path which you can explore from below a small bridge. In spring, the park transforms as the cherry blossoms blooms in unison and is a marvel to admire. Arrive in autumn and you can witness the nostalgic hue of a crimson-colored landscape. Apart from its picturesque views, Rikugien Gardens has the highest concentration of bonbori lamps in the Tokyo area. This gives the garden an even more romantic atmosphere during the evening, as the light-up event happens from the start of the Nature Appreciation season. The perfect way to take in all the wonders of the garden is through a stroll. Walking freely among the gardens allows you to take your time and enjoy the surrounding beauty at your own pace.

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