Zurriolako Hondartza

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Zurriolako Hondartza - Spain
Zurriolako Hondartza - Spain
@fletxer - Unsplash
Zurriolako Hondartza
📍 Spain
Everglades National Park is an incredible expanse of wetlands located in southern Florida. This massive conservation area spans 1.5 million acres and is filled with diverse ecosystem bursting with wildlife. Visitors can explore this vast wildness via the famed Anhinga Trail, a two-mile loop located in Shark Valley. Here you can see abundant alligators, birds, deer and even river otters. Other activities available in the area include Eco Tours by boat, canoeing and kayaking in the many rivers and mangrove-lined estuaries, camping, bird watching, and plenty more. Rich in history and culture, Everglades National Park should be at the top of the list for any traveler looking for an unforgettable adventure in the wild.

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