Złota Brama

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Złota Brama - Poland
Złota Brama - Poland
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Złota Brama
📍 Poland
Złota Brama (also known as Golden Gate) is an architectural gem located in the heart of Gdańsk, Poland. It is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the city and an important tourist attraction. Built in the 16th century, Złota Brama is a classic example of Gothic architecture and has served as an important entrance to the city. It stands at the north end of Długa Street, across from the Green Gate.

The Golden Gate's main feature is its ornate, gilded three-tiered façade which was added in 1871. The entrance is decorated with ten statues, expressing the city's history and showing symbols of its patron saints. The top level features the city’s white eagle emblem, along with a large sundial. Inside, the ground and first floor level of the structure is home to the Gdańsk History Museum, where visitors can explore an array of historical exhibitions, from religious art to archaeological artifacts, documenting the city's past. Admirers of Złota Brama are able to take in its stunning exterior and snap photos of its exterior from the outside. On the street side, visitors can look up at the gate's towers, statues and coats of arms. Once night falls, the gate is illuminated with artificial lighting, temporarily transforming its appearance.

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