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Vladivostok - From Zolotoy Most, Russia
Vladivostok - From Zolotoy Most, Russia
@vonshnauzer - Unsplash
📍 From Zolotoy Most, Russia
Vladivostok and Zolotoy Most are two cities in the Primorsky Krai region of southeastern Russia, located on opposite sides of the mouth of the Golden Horn Bay. Vladivostok is the largest city in the region and one of the largest ports in the Far East. Zolotoy Most, or the Golden Bridge, is a smaller city located nearby, noted for its picturesque bridges, steep cliffs, and views of the harbour.

Vladivostok contains several historic fortresses, an impressive aquarium and a unique cable-stayed bridge connecting two parts of the city, as well as good museums and galleries. It is also a popular hub for regional and international cuisine, with many restaurants and food stalls offering a wide array of dishes. Zolotoy Most is home to the longest bridge in the region, the Golden Bridge. It offers stunning views of the harbour and surrounding landscape, including the famous Railway bridge, which links Zolotoy Most with the city on the other side of the bay. The Zolotoy Most also has many architecturally interesting buildings and monuments, such as the Monument to Peter the Great and the Pacific Military Port. An interesting feature in the town is the Street of Embankments, a winding road lined with intricate wooden sculptures.

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