Victory Column

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Victory Column - From Front, Germany
Victory Column - From Front, Germany
@viewofsamu - Unsplash
Victory Column
📍 From Front, Germany
The Victory Column (Siegessäule) stands as an iconic symbol in Berlin, erected to commemorate Prussia's victories. Climbing its 285 steps rewards photo-travelers with panoramic vistas of Berlin, especially the Tiergarten's lush greenery. Morning light offers a softer illumination of the gold-adorned statue of Victoria, making it an ideal time for photographs. Additionally, capturing images during the golden hour can lead to stunning backdrops. The column’s intricate reliefs, detailing historical victories, provide interesting close-up photo opportunities. Be mindful of reflections when shooting the statue or the column itself, as sunlight can create compelling contrasts. Lastly, exploring different angles and perspectives, such as from the adjacent streets or with the tiered road circles framing your shot, can result in dynamic and less common views of this majestic monument.

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