Venetiaanse Gaanderijen

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Venetiaanse Gaanderijen - Belgium
Venetiaanse Gaanderijen - Belgium
@sipanhota - Unsplash
Venetiaanse Gaanderijen
📍 Belgium
The Venetiaanse Gaanderijen in Oostende, Belgium is a unique and charming promenade consisting of two different boulevards leading to the zeedijk beach. Both of them flanked by two rows of houses built in the 17th century with a traditional Flemish appearance. It was a project that aimed to create a new environment of elegant pleasure spaces. The promenade is open to pedestrian traffic, with benches to sit and enjoy the beach views as well as many cafés, restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops. There is a museum dedicated to the history of industry, its workers and maritime traditions, as well as art galleries and even an old cinema. The Venetiaanse gaanderijen are the best place to enjoy the historic atmosphere of the city.

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