Uyuni Salt Flat

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Uyuni Salt Flat - Bolivia
Uyuni Salt Flat - Bolivia
@diego_aguilar - Unsplash
Uyuni Salt Flat
📍 Bolivia
Uyuni Salt Flat in Phaspani, Bolivia serves as one of the world’s most diverse and colorful landmarks. It is one of the world’s largest salt flats, a prehistoric lake that dried up and left a 10,500 square kilometer expanse of bright white salt. On the surrounding plains sightings of pink flamingos, wildlife, llamas, vicuñas and volcanic mountains can be seen. The site also includes a train cemetery, hot springs, and the nearby town of San Juan. The salt flat is a popular destination for photographers, sightseers, and 4x4 drivers looking to explore. Tourists can book trips ranging from a few hours to several days exploring the surrounding area. Iconic images of the salt flats with the Isla del Pescado, or also known as Fish Island, and its giant cactus, is a must-see. The vibrant colors of the famed Salar de Uyuni salt flats will capture any visitor's attention.

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