Union Station

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Union Station - From Skywalk, Canada
Union Station - From Skywalk, Canada
@tkwyoung - Unsplash
Union Station
­čôŹ From Skywalk, Canada
Union Station is an iconic and historic building located in downtown Toronto, Canada. Serving as a major public transportation hub, the station is a major part of the city's culture and heritage. It is the largest and busiest multi-modal transportation hub in Canada and sees nearly 650,000 passengers pass through its doors each day. Union Station is a stunning Victorian building and a visually arresting sight. Dating back to 1917, it is a mixture of historical and modern architecture and is considered one of the city's grandest landmarks. Inside the station is a bustling network of trains, subways, and buses. Public art is found throughout the station in the form of statues, murals, and mosaics. Outdoors, the station is surrounded by green space including a large, open piazza and a waterfall. As a major civic landmark, it is a hive of activity and is a popular spot for people watching. Whether travelers are catching transport or simply passing through, a visit to Union Station is a unique experience.

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